Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Message for MR. STAMOS

He has your soul. He will not be returning it. Tell us what you know. For the good of mankind. Tell us what you know. We know your yoda has been Beefroxed beyond repair and your time is near. We know you have sinned and we know you have regrets. Before it is too late tell us what you know. There is still time to make things right. A patsy you may have been, but a savior you very well could be...



  1. BJN: The ignorant cannot truly be evil. Stamos was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and lacked the mental capacities to prevent his involvement. I am not accusing him of being anything other than "involved" albeit unwillfully. His participation, did, however, make him privy to a veritable goldmine of information relevant to our cause and it is for that information I have issued this message to MR. STAMOS.

    Fight on BJN, my friend! We will not let the masses die to find the truth. We will do it for them.