Monday, August 23, 2010

Coincidences Do Not Exist. Mike Love's Solo Music Inspires Murder.


"Through Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, [Terry Melcher] met Charles Manson and worked on some projects with him before thinking better of it. In 1969, Manson and his "family" murdered 5 people at a house Melcher rented to director Roman Polanski and his wife, actress Sharon Tate. "


In 2006, Beach Boys member Mike Love recorded a critically panned Christmas remake of the song, titled "Santa's Going To Kokomo". (- Wikipedia)


KOKOMO, IN (AP) – Police have given new information about three murder victims found in a Kokomo home.
Police Lt. D.W. says that 62-year-old D.M, 57-year-old R.B., and 28-year-old J.B. were found dead in D.M.'s home on the morning of April 9.
Police do have a person of interest in the case. 30-year-old J.B. of Gas City was taken into custody on April 9 in London, KY. J.B. had warrants, issued in Grant County, for probation violation and intimidation.

Cause of death has not yet been released.
- AVL asks you what you think the "cause of death" might be. Obviously, murder of some sort...but why? What motive would J.B. have? You want a real person of interest? Read on...

FACT (maybe):

Among the contents of J.B.'s pockets was an iPod containing just one song: "Santa's Going To Kokomo". (- A Voyeur's Look)

- These facts and events, to the uninformed and skeptical, may seem unrelated. But to those to whom truth is king will see what is happening...From Manson to Santa to Kokomo, Indiana...

May we also suggest having a small chat with Mr. Brian Wilson as well?

His reasons seem contrived, to say the least. AVL believes fear, not "style", is his real motivator. Fear for his life...

Find Mr. Love. Put an end to this madness or it is beefrox for all...

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