Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"They" Call It West Nile...

AVL knows it better as Beefrox...and why wouldn't it be found in, of all places, Kokomo?

Mosquitoes locally test positive for West Nile http://kokomotribune.com/local/x618366589/Mosquitoes-locally-test-positive-for-West-Nile

Officials warn residents to drain standing water to reduce insect breeding

By KEN de la BASTIDE Tribune enterprise editor
Kokomo — Temperatures in the 90s, high humidity and standing water are perfect conditions for mosquitoes to breed. Although the pesky buzzing of the insects is a familiar sound heard in Indiana during the summer months, the potential for a health-care problem is far more serious.
James Vest, the state director of environmental health, said testing by the Indiana State Board of Health found a pool of mosquitoes near Greentown with the West Nile virus.

West Nile Virus found most commonly causes a mild form of the illness, which can include fever, headache, body aches, swollen lymph glands or a rash. (Sounds like Beefrox to us - AVL)

However, a small number of individuals can develop a more severe form of the disease with encephalitis or meningitis and other neurological syndromes, including flaccid muscle paralysis, according to the Health Department. (Getting warmer... - AVL)

Vest said county officials spray pools of standing water with chemicals to kill the mosquito larvae, but no spraying takes place to kill the adult mosquito. “We have done a lot of spraying this year,” he said, “because of amount of rain. We’re still spraying, but we can’t get to all of it.” (Bingo. - AVL)

A likely story: blame it on the rain. Apparently, the Health Department has been listening to a bit too much Milli Vanilli lately. Rain or no rain, Beefrox thrives under any conditions: Floods, droughts, freezing cold, hellishly hot...quite like the center of a bonfire at a LATE NIGHT BEACH PARTY.

Government officials and "Hollywood": Stop the cover-up. Help your people. You owe them that much.

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